Christopher Lueg (1998).
Considering Collaborative Filtering as Groupware: Experiences and Lessons Learned
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management (PAKM'98), Basel, Switzerland, October 29-30, 1998

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Large information repositories, such as the World Wide Web or Usenet News, offer an amazing wealth of information. Searching for valuable information is an effort that permanently occurs in organizations and that contributes to the organizational memory. Active collaborative filtering builds on the exploitation of the results of this effort by encouraging the members of an organization to share information with others. To this extent, the members are provided with a tool that allows for the distribution of information with little effort. However, it is unclear which strategy is best to bootstrap or to enhance a self-supporting information dissemination activity. In this paper, we report on experiences we made when trying to bootstrap an active collaborative filtering activity in a medium-size organization. Our experiences suggest to view collaborative filtering as groupware in order to explain certain difficulties and to learn from the experiences with groupware.

Christopher Lueg / revised 10/02/98