Christopher Lueg (2001).

Corporate Communications and the Rise of the Network Society

International Journal on Media Management, 3(3) 2001, pp. 161-166.

late draft (188kb pdf file)

final version published by JMM (95kb pdf file)


Branding and corporate communications are considered important concepts in marketing and in corporate communications. However, apart from providing numerous benefits, it seems that branding may also introduce certain vulnerabilities. Naomi Klein, for example, claims that brand images are the corporate Archilles' heel. In this paper, we look at information dissemination in the network age and the problems involved in recognizing threatening activities. We argue that corporations have to accept that the Internet and its information channels, such as email or the Web, can be used as magnifying glasses beyond corporate spheres of influence. Accordingly, our analysis supports demands for more transparency in branding and corporate communications.

revised 12 December 2001