Christopher Lueg (2002).
On Problem Solving and Information Seeking
Proceedings of Information Seeking in Context: The Fourth International Conference on Information Needs, Seeking and Use in Different Contexts. (ISIC 2002),
11-13 September 2002, Lisbon, Portugal.

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In this paper, we look at similarities between how problem solving is understood in traditional artificial intelligence and how information seeking is viewed in parts of information science. A comparison of core concepts, such as problems and problem solving on the artificial intelligence side and information needs and information seeking on the information science side, suggests that experiences with problem solving in artificial intelligence are relevant to information seeking research. In particular, we argue that these experiences suggest to discuss the use of (descriptive) models of information seeking behaviors in information science. We further argue that further research is needed to close a gap between high-level models of information seeking behaviors in information science and the growing understanding of how human behavior emerges in the interaction with the environment. In this sense, our work adds support from outside the field to the claim that information seeking needs to be investigated in natural environments.

revised 17 September 2002