Christopher Lueg (1997).
Social Filtering and Social Reality
Position paper for the Fifth DELOS Workshop on Filtering and Collaborative Filtering, Budapest, Hungary, November 10.-12., 1997. Proceedings published by ERCIM

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In this paper, we argue that most current social information filtering approaches do not sufficiently account for situatedness and the social embedding of human cognition. In this context, situatedness means that human cognition is most appropriately described as an emergent property of the interaction of an individual with his or her environment. Our research aims at supporting people in information overload situations. In order to account for situatedness, we only support users in finding interesting information rather than automating the search task. So far, our work has been focusing on individuals participating in the global conferencing system Usenet news. Social filtering as a community-based approach seems to be a promising complement to our individual-based filtering approach. Based our experiences with spynews, a newsreader providing support for situated information filtering, we argue for the relevance of situatedness and social embedding for social filtering approaches.

Christopher Lueg / revised 11/05/97