Christopher Lueg, Christoph Goeth and Nicola Bidwell (2006).
Learning From Insects? Towards Supporting Reflective Exploration of Unfamiliar Areas of Interest

Proceedings of the 7th International New Zealand Conference on Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI-NZ 2006) Christchurch, New Zealand, 6-7 July 2006. The final version of the paper will be available in the ACM DL.

Late draft (pdf version)

Abstract: First experiences with a mobile information system aimed at supporting reflective exploration suggest that the device's visualization of past activities and, in particular, the routes taken helps participants orientate themselves and plan the next steps of their explorative activity. Drawing from insect navigation research we provide a preliminary explanation of some intriguing behavioral observations made during deploying mExplore as a technology probe. We also speculate about using mobile information systems to help visitors conduct "learning flights" and thus help them better understand the environment they are exploring by helping them recognize the varying visual impressions of landmarks from different perspectives. This work thus links in a unique way work on mobile information systems in tourism and other information-oriented areas to insect navigation research and (human-oriented) research into landmark salience and its use in ego-centric navigation.

revised 10 August 2006