Christopher Lueg (2002).
Looking Under the Rug: On Context-Context Aware Artifacts and Socially Adept Technologies
Presented at the Workshop The Philosophy and Design of Socially Adept Technologies at the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2002) "Changing the World, Changing Ourselves".
21 April 2002. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

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Context-aware artifacts can be seen as an important class of socially adept technologies. In this paper, we focus on the fact that disregarding trivial notions of context, context-aware artifacts are far from being capable of recognizing situations. Similarly, we are not aware of any other technologies that are able to understand social settings in a non-trivial way. In this paper, we sketch the underlying reasons and discuss some issues concerning the design of context-aware artifacts and socially adept technologies in general that result from these limitations.

revised 15 April 2002